Blank Slates Or Born Sinful?

For God has imprisoned all in disobedience so that he may have mercy on all.” Romans 11:32 CSB


I watched an Instagram video the other day of some pastor ridiculing the Protestant doctrine of total depravity because the Bible never says that. Neither does the Bible ever say Trinity, but Protestants believe unequivocally in One God in Three Persons. Today’s verse is one of those that makes clear all people are born in sin. It is why Jesus was born of a virgin rather than coming through the seed of Adam. Jesus was not born in depravity because man did not create him, though He came to our world through a woman like every other man. We often deny the obvious to justify ourselves. Anyone with children knows they are born in depravity. They steal and strike their neighbor, they disobey their parents, and they don’t know anything about God but have to be instructed in the way they should go. While their sinful nature is cute as toddlers, it is destructive as full-grown adults, as we all see by the pain inflicted upon one another in the world. We all need a Savior no matter our gender, race, intelligence, income, or any other thing. God has made us all sinful so He can make all who come to Him righteous by appropriating to them pardon for sin through the cross and righteous standing forever before Him through the perfect life Christ lived then gave to His people upon His resurrection. Rejecting total depravity is to reject the obvious in humanity and to deny the truth God has given to us through His word.

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