Discipline the key to Leadership

Titus 1.7-8 records the requirements for God’s stewards one of which is discipline.

It is a good thing for a man to desire leadership within the Church the Apostle Paul wrote but to be a leader certain qualities had to be present. One of the characteristics of those who are to be in leadership is discipline.

Discipline is necessary for both doing something and not doing another thing.

The Olympics have recently passed but those athletes demonstrate discipline. They subject their bodies to severe athletic training in order to become the best in the world at their sport. Those same athletes don’t yield to the temptations of over-eating, slothfulness or destructive drug use.

The Christian leader is to be like the Olympic athlete – he should be the very best example of what men are capable of becoming.

While the qualifications for church leader are numerous, discipline is the path for achieving them as it both keeps us focused on doing the right thing and it keeps us from not doing the wrong things.

In order to be disciplined however the mind and heart must be focused on the goal to such a degree that the feelings are made to do the will’s bidding. Most of us need to do better with our physical health but few of us are willing to commit to the diet and exercise necessary for making that happen.

Most of us want to be leaders but most of us will not commit to the spiritual disciplines or the denial of the fleshly vices to be a true leader in our church.

Why should this be our goal anyway?

First because God is working to form us into the image of His perfect Son Jesus and second so that we have done everything to glorify God on earth in order to receive His reward in heaven.

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