Revelation 3.16 describes the Church as lukewarm and neither hot nor cold. images

The Church in Laodicea was described by their Savior as being lukewarm so He warned them He would spew them from His mouth if they didn’t repent and become earnest in His work (19).

No doubt these people were all believers, all had asked Jesus to be their Savior, all attended Church but apparently not all were going to live with Him forever.

God is not pleased with lukewarm Christianity.

The person cold to God ignores God, they do not read his commands nor pray to Him for guidance nor work to enlighten others about Jesus, nor strive for unity among the children of God. The cold are both indifferent and disobedient to God.

The hot are fully engaged in fellowship with God and in the work of God. The hot seek God through Scripture, prayer and fellowship. The hot lead others toward Christ living as workers responsible for seeing His Kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven. The hot are promised reward by Jesus for their steadfast, consistent diligence in living as His people.

Jesus’ warning to the Church in Laodicea was a measurement of their deeds and not their words or emotion. What the people of the church did was the proof of what they believed and so they were measured by their actions and not their ‘faith.’

As we close down another year how have our actions proved our allegiance to Jesus Christ – would our deeds indicate we have been hot, cold or lukewarm?

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