2 Chronicles 19:2 asks, “Is it right to help the wicked and be an ally of those who oppose the Lord?” images

When God lived with us He promised those who followed Him would have enemies. God had enemies while He lived among us for people disagreed vehemently with both His lifestyle and His message.

Those who follow Jesus can expect, should expect, opposition to living godly lives (everyone is doing the opposite) and to their exclusive message of One God, One Savior and One Lord of all.

In recent years the Church has sought to be more acceptable to the culture, doing what it can to appease the culture that is intolerant of truth, righteousness and holiness.

At minimum we have built buildings hoping their comfort and elegance would be inviting to a people used to stadiums and concert halls, though they have cost us much in our ability to give to the real work of the Church. At worst, we have capitulated on God’s exclusivity of salvation through Jesus alone, on sexual relations confined to one man and one woman for life and on when life begins in order to support those who murder the unborn created in the image of God.

Helping someone in need is not the same as trying to make allies of the ungodly.

Mercy and compassion were shown by God in Jesus but compromise with men was never done. Good deeds are to be the natural result of our belief in our message that one day all people will face the Almighty and give an account for the life they lived.

Those who have not made peace with God through Jesus Christ will be condemned but those who love Him and have obeyed His commands will enjoy eternal life with Him and those who have done the same.

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