Fighting For The Law (of God)

Proverbs 28.4 observes, If you desert God’s law, you’re free to embrace depravity; if you love God’s law, you fight for it tooth and nail.

Most Christians would say they love God’s law but we don’t fight for it. We haven’t fought for God’s law in 70 years and so we see the continuing and now accelerating moral decline of this country.

Part of the problem is our own theology. We are saved by grace not law. True enough. Law is not the means of our salvation but it is the display of our salvation. Not the minutiae we read about it in priestly sacrifices but in the moral code that displays the holiness of God.

Our God hasn’t changed from old covenant to new covenant. His means of dealing with His people has changed but Who He is and what He desires from His people is still the same: we are to be holy as He is holy.

The need of the hour is for Christians to find their backbone and begin to articulate in a loving but firm and persistent manner the ways of God. These moral absolutes are given by our Creator for our proper functioning on earth and for our acceptance into heaven. They are best for humanity because God has made humanity to function in these ways both now and in the age to come.

All Christians, but especially those in high places, must pray then work for God and His ways to be honored, observed and obeyed in the marketplace, the government, the educational institutions and in all of society lest we be found lazy on judgement day and caught up ourselves in the continual spiral of depravity we know today.

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