Finding True Meaning And Purpose

For who can eat and who can have enjoyment outside of Him?”

(Eccl. 2:25 LSB)


Solomon, gifted with greater wisdom than any man before him or perhaps after him, sought that which would most satisfy a man. He built great buildings, he accumulated many wives, he earned vast sums of wealth and in the end, he found it vain and meaningless for his destiny and the destiny of the fool was the same. All his pleasures and accomplishments Solomon realized would one day end, be left to another, and he himself would die and face God. All these pleasures and works that he did also left his soul empty, unsatisfied, restless. In the end, Solomon realized that it is in knowing and serving God that man finds rest for His soul and true meaning to his life. Have Christians discovered this truth yet? Covid distancing has increased our time for pleasure, family, and accumulating money. Are we satisfied? Have our trips, our toys, and our bank accounts satisfied us yet? I think not. We have ignored the work of God, the building of His kingdom upon earth as it is in heaven to our own detriment. The world screams to us in its pain, are we helping it with the salve that is the healing blood of Jesus? True meaning, true significance, and true peace with God now and in the life to come, is the result of denying ourselves, following Jesus, and working to see His kingdom come upon earth as it is in heaven. It is natural for us to seek meaning and purpose, sin deceives us into thinking it is found in something other than God. We are most satisfied, we are most happy, we will be most rewarded in the next life, when we make loving God and doing His work on earth our first and greatest effort. Do we believe this and are we ready yet to put that faith into practice?

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