God’s People Must Share Good News If We Will Enjoy Good Times

“Those who shed tears as they plant will shout for joy when they reap the harvest. The one who weeps as he walks along, carrying his bag of seed, will certainly come in with a shout of joy, carrying his sheaves of grain.”
Psalms 126:5-6 NET https://bible.com/bible/107/psa.126.5-6.NET

Who weeps at the sin of our nation? Who despairs at the rampant immorality occurring in our country? The violence seems to grow in proportion to disregarding God and His ways. What is the solution? What should the response be from the people of God? What is God’s answer? It is the gospel. It is the presentation of the power of God for salvation which is the message of God’s love, life, and promise for all people through Jesus the Savior. The Christian who weeps must share the gospel. The Christian who truly cares about the brokenness of humanity will share the only healing for humanity, Jesus. People separated from God are also concerned about the problems in our world. They, too, want hope and a future. The Christian must share the only hope that leads to an eternal future of life, peace, joy and love with God and all those who have ever loved Him. CBMC is the businessman’s best and most straightforward means for sharing that message of hope to the lost in the world through the hearing of a testimony from a Christian businessman. Who are we praying for to come to saving faith in Jesus? Who will we ask for lunch to hear how they might be saved? Who are we shedding tears for their salvation? What will we do to see them saved?

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