Heaven is For God’s Glory, Not Simply For Our Benefit

Ephesians 2.7 describes, in the coming ages He might display the immeasurable riches of His grace through His kindness to us in Christ Jesus.

Our eternal life, the life we will live with God in His presence, and all those who have ever loved God, is all for God’s glory. Our eternal life is not about us but about Him.

Our eternal life proclaims to all things created that God is immeasurably rich in grace and mercy, demonstrating unfathomable kindness to His creation, proven through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus the Savior. Our eternal life proves to all things that God is good and that God is love.

Not that all people will live with God for eternity, and thus escape from the wrath to come, for some will choose to continue their rebellion against God, and suffer eternal separation from God in suffering and torment. What is demonstrative of God’s love and glory for humanity is that any at all are pardoned from the wrath to come, having been given this possibility through Jesus the Savior. This is indeed the highest reflection of God’s generosity, His kindness and His love for all whom He has ever made.

Even now, our daily transition into His kingdom, the obedient being formed into the image of the First Born Son, Jesus Himself, demonstrates the height and breadth and length and depth of God’s love, His goodness and His mercy to humanity. The Lord is indeed good, the Lord is indeed merciful, the Lord is indeed generous and we who love Him are the recipients of these things as we continue on in our love for God and the doing of His will.

This is why our obedience to God is so critical. Not that it gets us to heaven, but that it shows the world that we are on our way to heaven and we are thankful for such a blessed promise.

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