Living Supernaturally is a Choice

1 Corinthians 3.3 describes, you are still worldly. For since there is envy and strife among you, are you not worldly and behaving like mere humans?

Most would say we are nothing more than human, what else would we be? The Bible takes a different view of those who have been born again, not of human will, but born of the Spirit. These people are children of God, saints, positioned a little lower than the angels!

Christians are no longer merely human, people who live by their feelings, seeking their own pleasures and desires. Christians no longer live for the world and it’s things or its applause for they are fickle and temporary and ungodly. Instead, the children of God live lives of love, sacrifice, holiness, service and obedience to God the Father giving glory to God the Son by the power of the indwelling God Who is Spirit.

Christians show ourselves supernatural when we deny ourselves, lay down our lives, and serve and love humanity even to the point of death for His Name’s sake. Increasingly Christians are experiencing the opportunity to suffer for His Name all over the world, showing themselves to be children of God and earning great eternal reward.

The shame and fear of being recognized as one who follows Jesus must no longer be present in American Christians. Those who are on this path bring more swiftly the persecution sure to come upon those who continue to obey God by calling all people to repentance and faith in Jesus the only Savior. Those who deny Him either by commission or omission are earning for themselves eternal condemnation for their apostasy on that day when they meet God face to face.

We can choose to be human or supernatural, we can choose to remain as we are or to live as Jesus did, empowered with the same Spirit that is in Him and raised Him from the dead.

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