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How Do We Get To Heaven?

“Lord, who can dwell in your tent? Who can live on your holy mountain? The one who lives blamelessly, practices righteousness, and acknowledges the truth in his heart  —” Psalms 15:1-2 CSB

As we grow older or witness the passing of our loved ones, we often ponder about who will go to heaven or live forever. Although there are few true atheists, the majority of people throughout history and across cultures have believed in God as the Almighty has instilled a yearning for Him in the hearts of all humans (Eccles.3.11). But, who will actually go to heaven? Will everyone go because God is love? This is not what any religion teaches. Will it be those who have done more good than bad? This is what most religions teach, except for Christianity and Islam.

Islam puts the decision of who goes to heaven in the hands of their god, regardless of people’s deeds; though, they believe that obedience to God will improve their chances of being selected to live forever. However, Islam propagates a hopeless faith of oppression among its followers. Christianity also rejects the idea that people can earn their way to heaven simply by doing good deeds. Instead, the blameless person, the practitioner of righteousness, is the one who, through faith in Christ, has been granted the righteousness of Jesus and now responds with obedience to God’s grace and goodness. The assurance of heaven is awarded to those who repent before the One True God, Jesus the Savior, of their disobedience to God and give thanks to God the Savior Jesus for dying on the cross as punishment for their disobedience. They receive from God the Savior, His pardon for disobedience and His gift of righteousness earned by Jesus’ perfect life, to live forever with God as people who please God.

The Christian answer to how we get to heaven is having faith in Jesus, demonstrated by love for Him and what He has done for His faithful followers.

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