How Many gods Are There Really?

“You, Lord, are the only God. You created the heavens, the highest heavens with all their stars, the earth and all that is on it, the seas and all that is in them. You give life to all of them, and all the stars of heaven worship you.” Nehemiah 9:6 CSB


There is only one God. The Hindus believe in thousands of gods, but it makes no sense, for certainly, one would demand to be sovereign over all; indeed, their holy book is a record of the wars of their gods. The animists also believe in multiple gods, believing gods exist in all matters of things, from animals to trees, but this, too, is illogical and unsubstantiated. Many people dismiss the nagging in their souls about finding the one true God because of the many offerings of god men have put forth. All of these gods are oppressive with their laws and prejudices against certain people or genders. They are man-made gods, which are no gods at all, and their means and ends prove they are made by those who wish to control and manipulate the weak and vulnerable. The One True God He is God, and His ways are right. He lived among us as one of us, not as a powerful manipulative ruler but as a servant, giving His life as punishment for the judgment all humanity deserves for ignoring and disobeying the Creator and Sustainer of all life from all time. This God is Jesus. His Word clearly articulates His ways so that all peoples in all places can know Him and what He requires. He is love and requires all humanity to love Him and one another. Clearly, this makes it obvious He, Jesus, is God and only God, for what more would the One True God require than that we love Him and one another?


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