How Do We Know What is Good?

Romans 16.19 commands, I want you to be wise about what is good, and yet innocent about what is evil.

How do we become wise about what is good? We have to know what good is. In our arrogance, we all think we know what good is. We look into ourselves and create a self-centered, self-preserving, self-gratifying definition. If it works for us then it is good.

This is not true, it just feels ‘good’ to us so we think it is true. Goodness has to come from God Who alone is capable of defining good for all people at all times in all places. Good can only be defined by God because only God can and will hold all people accountable to His definition of good. God’s definition of good makes the most sense since it transcends culture, time or gender.

Where can this definition of good be found? Since God wants all people in all places at all times to know what He defines as good He has recorded such information for us so that all people in all places at all times can know Him and what He requires from us. The Bible is the source of knowledge for understanding and acquiring the true meaning of what is good.

Failure to read God’s word so that we know what is truly good results in our failure to truly be good because we will fail to do what pleases Him. Failing to live a life pleasing to God results in condemnation before God when upon that day we face Him to give account for the life we have lived and are measured against His definition of good.

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