God isn’t deceived by our Religion

Mark 7:15 declares your souls aren’t harmed by what you eat, but by what you think and say!image

Unlike all other religions that are performance and thus externally based, the One True God, Who is Jesus the Christ, measures the motives, thoughts and intents to the same degree as the actions. He is the One Who said clean the inside and you wont have to worry about the outside.

Religion focuses on the outside activities such as attendance, offerings, prayers, fasting but God focuses on the inside motives, desires and true loves.

God’s command is that we love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength not perform perfunctory religious ceremonies to buy Him off. If there really is a God doesn’t it seem like He would really be this way?

Does it really make sense for God to reward a terrorist when He has commanded we love one another? Does it make sense that only through marriage can a woman get to live eternally when God said He created them male and female in His image?

Religion always divides, separates and burdens people with nearly impossible demands for entering heaven.

The idea that we can get to heaven by being good when all of our thoughts and desires will be measured against the perfect will of God confirms the impossibility of our ever earning our way to heaven through good deeds. This impossibility is God’s plan for driving us to the only means for salvation: a substitute Who could take our justifiable punishment and give us His perfect obedience in order for God to declare us perfect in His sight.

This was the work of God in Jesus the Christ, the work He continues to do daily every time a person comes to God admitting they are not good, that God alone is good in Jesus and that He alone is able to pardon the repentant and declare them forgiven by God.

If there really is a God do we really think we can please Him by doing small acts of charity, showing up at certain functions or giving a few bucks to someone in need?

The One True God is the Creator of everything and sustains all things by His Spirit. He knows all, sees all and judges all; from the inside out.

We would do well just to be honest with God and seek Him for Who He is in all of His wonder, love and kindness.

God’s not impressed by our religious activity, He’s impressed by our love for Him demonstrated by our love for others.

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