Does God exist?

Mark 6:52 proclaims they didn’t want to believe!image

Why don’t we want to believe God lived among us as a man? If God really did come to earth to live as and like one of us what does that mean?

First, it means there really is a God and that we will one day be accountable to Him. Everyone asks if God really exists. Inside all of us is an inherent need to know that there is more ‘out there’ than just we ourselves and our short duration of life on this earth. If God exists then the answer to the question is affirmative which forces us to consider our own lives and their alignment with the will of God.

Second, it means God is good. If God came to earth and did only good while He was here then we must come to a different explanation as to why the world is bad. God’s visitation demonstrates His care and concern for His world but then why doesn’t He just fix it? Why is it broken in the first place? We want to believe God is bad and we are good but if God is good then we are bad and if we are bad then we are the ones who need fixing. Believing God came to earth to fix us forces us to humble ourselves before God and seek His help: many don’t want to do that.

Finally, God’s coming to earth means we are obligated to live life God’s way if we are going to please Him. Its our way or God’s way and most of us prefer our way. Believing God exists and that He lived among us to show us how we are to live forces us to align with His commands if we are going to live consistently with our beliefs.

It is not surprising people didn’t want to believe that God was really among them when God did live among people.

We still struggle today to believe that God exists and that God is good because if He does and if He is then we must change and admit our need for His mercy.

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