How Hard is it to Get to Heaven?

Acts 13.39 observes everyone who believes in Him is declared right with God—something the law of imagesMoses could never do.

The One True God has made entrance into His eternal dwelling place quite easy really: repent, believe and receive. Every other religion including atheism and agnosticism, are trying to accumulate enough good works so that God is forced to accept them.

It is the height of our arrogance and foolishness really, to think that we by our own imagination can require God to accept our terms for entering His world. We believe we are good because we have followed better than most whatever rules we decided should make God happy.

This isn’t how the program works. God makes the rules, sets the standard and judges us according to that standard. The truth is, even if we went by the rules God gave Israel thousands of years ago, we would be in gross violation of rule one: which is that we shall have no other gods before God.

The god each of us worship first and most is ourselves. Whenever we decide what is right and wrong, what we will do with our time, talent and treasure we assume the role of god over ourselves. Even among those who claim to love God there is a tremendous apathy toward knowing that God better through studying His book so that He can be obeyed better.

The degree to which we seek God in order to please God is the indication of our love for God. For most this pursuit is sorely lacking in either intensity, consistency or duration.

Fortunately our Creator knows us intimately and has really made things quite simple for positioning ourselves ‘right’ with Him. His requirement is not the accumulation of good works through the following of a myriad of religious rules and practices.

Rather, God only requires we admit we have failed to love Him and obey Him as He deserves because He is truly God. That we acknowledge His appearance in Jesus and receive from Him His pardon for our evil deeds made possible through the crucifixion of Jesus as punishment and His resurrection from the dead proving God’s acceptance of His Son’s work.

Repent, believe and receive or work, work, work. Which God will you serve and whose way will you follow to get into heaven?

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