How Prayer Really Works

Psalm 66.20 describes God, Who has not rejected my prayer or withheld His love from me!image

All Christians should go see the movie War Room. It is both a challenge and encouragement in the areas of prayer, marriage, parenting and priority.

The question gets asked in the movie about the priority of prayer in a professing Christian’s life. The character admits to not spending much time in that discipline. Most of us would probably echo that sentiment.

Why is that? Does not praying really make any sense? Our confession is that God is, He is all powerful, He is the Creator and Sustainer of the universe. He calls us His children and invites us to relate to Him through the medium of prayer.

Yet we ignore Him, we live our lives struggling through by our own power and wisdom without connecting to Him Who is able to help us. When we do pray its usually as our last resort and then it seems God is hit and miss with solving our problem.

Prayer is not me uploading to God all of my stuff so that He can act swiftly to solve my problems and restore to me the world I want for myself. This practical definition of prayer we live is why we experience so little of God and so few ‘answered’ prayers.

Prayer is connecting me to God so that I can get on His page for the universe understanding that His plan is to work through me to accomplish His purposes. Prayer is my download of His priority and His will from heaven so it can be accomplished on earth.

I begin my prayer with reading His Word. My prayer is then responding to His voice by seeking application of what I read to my life.

God is experienced as we obey His commands and exhibit faith in the truth of those commands by our obedience. This action of trusting God to do what only He can do as I do what I am told to do is the process by which God becomes increasingly more real to me.

As my partnership with God increases my experience of God increases resulting in greater relational intimacy with God. As my relationship with God gets closer His love for me becomes more experiential, more real, and more identifiable in my life.

This was the life David experienced and why he could testify that God heard his prayers and did not withhold His love for him. Isn’t this the life with God we also want?

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