God is Looking for Adventurers

2 Kings 18.5-6 observes, Hezekiah put his whole trust in the God of Israel. There was no king quite like him, either before or after. He held fast to God—never loosened his grip—and obeyed to the letter everything God had commanded Moses. And God, for His part, held fast to him through all his adventures. MSG


We should seek to be like Hezekiah: Holding fast to God, never loosening our grip on God, obedient to the letter of everything Jesus commands us. Then we will experience God holding us fast through all our adventures. What adventures are we taking for God? What are we doing that needs faith, trust, and earnest prayer?




Faith is Working With God through Difficult Circumstances

Esther 4.16 comments, If I must die, I must die.image

One of the heroes of the Bible is the young woman Esther. An oft quoted statement from the book in her memory is ‘perhaps you were made queen for such a time as this.’

The story of Esther is one of tragedy and triumph, of faith and courage, of God’s faithful work behind the scenes when people risk all for His purposes. (more…)


How Prayer Really Works

Psalm 66.20 describes God, Who has not rejected my prayer or withheld His love from me!image

All Christians should go see the movie War Room. It is both a challenge and encouragement in the areas of prayer, marriage, parenting and priority.

The question gets asked in the movie about the priority of prayer in a professing Christian’s life. The character admits to not spending much time in that discipline. Most of us would probably echo that sentiment. (more…)


Why We Must Do Hard Things

Judges 3:2 explains He did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience.  God left people in the promised land for the Israelites to remove by imageforce.

It seems like God would simply send a plague to these inhabitants then Israel could just easily walk into the promised land and occupy it as their new country. Instead, God made Israel strap on a sword, grab a shield and go daily into battle if they were going to realize His promise for them.

Why did God do this? (more…)


Gaining Wisdom

Proverbs 1:7 instructs how a man becomes wise? The first step is to trust and reverence the Lord!image

Everyone wants wisdom. At least everyone wants to make the right decisions! There is a difference.

We make hundreds of decisions daily but the big ones cause us anxiety because failure to get it right can lead to serious financial loss and personal unhappiness. The root desire for wanting wisdom in this instance is selfish; we want to be happy, we want to be successful and we don’t want pain or suffering.

This is not why God gives wisdom.

The first step toward gaining wisdom is to trust and reverence the Lord.

Wisdom is given so we might know God and how to please Him in everything we do. (more…)


God vs Religion

Matthew 11:28 records an invitation to wear My yoke—for it fits perfectly—and let me teach you; for I give you only light burdens. Christianity teaches religion is hard but God…


Trusting God

Psalm 40.1 proclaims I relied completely upon the Lord and He turned toward me. Most Christians know they are to trust God completely and depend upon Him entirely but woe…


Trusting God

Psalm 27.14 commands God’s people to rely upon the Lord, to be strong and confident in Him. David had great faith in God and so God had great delight in…


Trusting God

Genesis 32.7 observes Jacob was very afraid and upset. God spoke to Jacob telling him to return to the land promised as a possession to him, his forefathers and his…