Jesus Wasn’t Beloved By Everyone

““The world cannot hate you, but it hates Me because I bear witness about it, that its deeds are evil.” (John 7:7 LSB)


The world paints Jesus as a nice man, a kind philosopher, Whose message of love meant that He was without enemies in the world but was everyone’s favorite friend. Jesus is God, as God He has a problem with the world’s response to Him as God. The world does not obey Him unequivocally, perfectly, daily, without compromise. The world acts as though He does not exist choosing to do whatever it wants. The result is murder, war, and all kinds of evil against one another. Jesus told us what is good and what is evil and people hated Him for it because they didn’t like His definitions. So too the Christian must speak the word of God, for faith to others comes by hearing God’s word proclaimed by God’s people, which will then cause us to be hated by others. The world has been proclaiming for decades there is no truth, everyone defines their own truth, resulting in our current climate of ignorance over our own gender. While biology makes clear what gender people are, so too does God’s word, because God made people male and female in His image so that they would marry and bear children raising them to know and obey the One True God so that He would have a kingdom populated by millions of people who loved Him.  Christian’s must share God’s word, God’s absolute truth with the world for the world to know the One True God and begin to obey His commands. Christian’s must be willing to identify with Jesus at the expense of being loved by the world. Christians will suffer and be hated for standing with Jesus but Jesus told us this would happen and that He would reward those who suffer for Him but He would deny those entrance into His kingdom who denied Him before men.

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