Living Lives That Make God Look Good And Make Us Good

“For I am Yahweh your God. Therefore, set yourselves apart as holy and be holy, for I am holy. And you shall not make yourselves unclean with any of the swarming things that move on the earth.” (Lev. 11:44 LSB)


The rules of God are for making us holy and for making Him look holy among those who don’t believe in Him. God made us in His image, to live according to His image we must live differently than those who ignore and disobey God. When God came to live among us as one of us in Jesus the Savior, He did not come bringing a new set of rules for us to follow. His new command is that we love one another as He Himself loved us. He loves unconditionally and sacrificially, this is how we are to love one another. Love needs no rules because love does what is best for the beloved. So what are those things that men who ignore God do that the people of God should not do because they reflect poorly on God Himself? All of the things God commands we do reflect well on God and all the things He commands we not do, when we do them, reflect poorly upon God. What are some of those things? Lying, laziness, stealing, adultery, drunkenness and being ‘high’ are all examples of things the worldly do, and despise for the most part, that we must not do if we would live as God is for He is none of those things ever. Forgiving generously, loving sacrificially, serving consistently, giving lavishly, these are things God does that when the people of God do them make Him look good before people who ignore Him. The Word of God reveals the ways of God so that we can live according to the will of God. Our daily starting point must be the Scriptures followed by hourly listening to the Holy Spirit Who lives within us to guide us in their application as we go about the mundane tasks of our daily lives.

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