Love not Violence is God’s Way

Matthew 11.12 observes from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been imagesubjected to violence, and violent people have been raiding it.

Since the arrival of God on earth a battle has been taking place for the hearts and minds of people. The One True God is a loving God Whose desire is intimacy with His creation and so He invites us all to call Him Father.

This God seeks to reveal Himself to us and remove all confusion about Who God truly is and what God truly requires from us.

Yet the enemy of our souls would seek to cloud our minds and deceive our hearts so that we would not seek Him Who offers us help and strength for our weary souls, rather this enemy would seek our destruction and death. Indeed, this is the place all of the false religions lead as is most obviously displayed today through Islam.

The enemy’s allies are those people who propagate his lies and insist upon our compliance. Again, Islam is a good example of the intolerance they promote demanding death to the unbeliever. God is not like this.

In His appearance He described us as harassed and helpless without leadership. He described us as weary and heavy burdened. Then He invited us to Himself promising rest for our souls for He described Himself as humble and gentle with an easy load and light burden for our lives.

What does this great God require from us? Only that we love Him with all that we are. How do we love Him? By loving our neighbor as our self.

Love is the command of God as it is the remedy for our souls and the answer to the world’s chaos. Loving God by loving each other as we would wish to be loved is His prescription for our common malady.

God Who lived with us as Jesus the Savior was no violent man in this world, neither did He command His followers to do violence to anyone. Jesus instead commanded love for our enemies and service to those who demanded from us.

Humility and love is what God desires from us so that His ways can be seen and felt in the world that all people might come to the knowledge of the truth that He is good and that He is God and that there is no other.

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