Raising Children

Amos 2:11 observes I chose your sons to be Nazirites and prophets.image

The purpose of parenting is to raise godly offspring.

Fantastic conversion stories, while entertaining to listen to, were not to be the normal experience for most people.

Most people who follow Jesus should have as their personal story of trusting Jesus as their Savior something along the lines of being raised in a godly home where Jesus was seen, taught and heard such that we could never not remember believing in Him and one day I simply decided to follow Him as my Lord.

The work of God in a child’s life becomes increasingly more complicated the less parent’s follow Jesus as Savior and Lord. One of the biggest impediments to raising godly children is dismissing God’s commands for training children.

In the earliest years of a child’s life corporal discipline is to be used for bringing a child to obedience the Scriptures teach but the majority of today’s parents will have nothing to do with this methodology. Since the 1960’s the unbelieving world has railed against corporal discipline of children even passing laws in some places against it.

The result of using psychology to raise children has been increasingly permissive, selfish and godless generations.

While our grandparents and even our parents were raised under corporal discipline with the result of a more moral nation we have become wiser, more learned in these past 60 years causing the last two generations to become increasingly more promiscuous and godless.

While abuse is always wrong, corporal discipline was used by God with Israel to train them and is commanded by God for parents to train their children.

It should be done with gentleness, love and explanation not anger, rage or revenge but it should be done lest we continue to raise children who struggle to honor their parents then become adults who struggle to honor God.

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