Psalm 82:6-7 declares I have called you all “gods” and “sons of the Most High.” But in death you are mere men.image

God was the first to encourage positive self-esteem when He declared those created in His image were themselves ‘gods,’ children of the Most High.

Parenting since the mid 1960’s has been all about positive self-esteem, an over the top praising of children so that they feel good about themselves. Today’s public education has followed this focus placing the feeling of self-worth above the more traditional 3 R’s.

The problem is we don’t understand what it means to be ‘gods,’ children of the Most High.

First, God spoke these things to signify our created value, He did not say them because we lacked self-esteem. Every two year old demonstrates through their temper tantrum inherent, abundant self-esteem. The reason for the rage is because the world is not orbiting properly around their rule and so they break forth in a tantrum.

Self-esteem is not the issue, our feeding our children’s pride and ego has resulted in the most self-serving and self-centered generation ever. Increasingly each successive generation from 1960 has focused increasingly upon themselves, their needs, wants, and desires with increasing less regard for God’s will or their neighbor’s need, at least at their own expense.

Second, what it means to be ‘gods’ is to be like God. This means we get to go first in demonstrating love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, humility and sacrifice. God initiated restoration with the world, God gave His Son while we were yet sinners, God bends over backward to love us, be patient with us and show mercy to us.

God is the most humble Person in the universe, demonstrating daily His willingness to be mocked, scorned and maligned while giving the sun to shine, bread to eat and breath in our bodies. Being like God is being the first to give, serve and love.

Third, being like God is being last. The greatest of all is the servant of all God said. He came as a servant and gave His life so all could be pardoned.

Because we are ‘gods’ we don’t have to elevate ourselves to feel important but can elevate others because we know who and Whose we are. We can go last placing others first because He Who is the First is also the Last and rewards those who are last, first.

Being children of God doesn’t mean an overextended ego but a sacrifice of self for the love of God and the benefit of humanity at personal expense.

Being ‘gods’ isn’t about feeling better about ourselves but helping others feel better about God knowing He lives, He rules and He will return to establish His perfect order where the last will be first.

If we would tell our children they are ‘gods’ lets also tell them what that really means.

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