Spiritual Danger

1 Corinthians 16:13 warns keep your eyes open for spiritual danger.image

What is spiritual danger? Spiritual danger are those thoughts that lead us away from God’s truth in our words and actions.

There are many ideas in our culture today that have led the Church astray from knowing God and believing Him unequivocally so that He can be obeyed completely.

First is the idea that the Bible is not true or reliable. This deception is important for creating confusion among those who would follow Jesus as their Savior. If there is a God but you can’t really know what He’s like or what He requires then you can’t really be accountable to live according to His commands.

This is the goal of this deception. But God has made clear Who He is and what He requires so that all generations all over the world can easily and clearly know Him in order to please Him. Doesn’t it makes sense that God would want us to know Him so we could please Him?

Second is the idea that all roads lead to heaven or sometimes framed that Jesus was a good man but not God. God has come to earth to clearly communicate Who He is and what He requires from us. His appearance included the work of restoring people to God through the sacrifice of His life as payment for the evil deeds of humanity.

If all roads lead to heaven there was no point in God coming to earth or sacrificing His life. If Jesus is not God then God never came to earth, for no other religion makes such a claim, leaving all people hopelessly trapped in the futility of ever living the perfect life God requires for entering heaven.

God came so we could know the One True God, all other gods are a mockery of Him and hinder people from following the truth.

There are many other spiritual dangers marketed by our culture but the Christian can keep themselves on the narrow road by reading the Bible as often as possible and staying in community with those who do the same for mutual edification and encouragement.

This is the will of God for His people.

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