serving God

Titus 1.16 proclaims they profess to know God but with their deeds they deny Him.

Knowing and doing are not the same, while we understand this and apply it to sports, academics and work we fail to hold either ourselves or others to this standard in our spiritual development.

Those who know the Bible, and they are few, are considered deeply religious and the very best among us in the Church. They teach our classes, lead our small groups and take positions of authority within our church.

Yet God measures the application of such knowledge rather than the knowledge itself. Certainly we must know God and what He commands in order to obey Him but obedience is the standard by which God measures our love for Him.

Jesus told us this when He taught if we love Him we will obey His commands.

Christianity is not a ‘knowing’ business but a ‘doing’ business. God ‘did’ by dying on the cross. The Apostles ‘did’ by proclaiming and suffering in order to further the knowledge of God in Jesus Christ.

The expectation of God is that His current people will ‘do’ by continuing the work of Christ modeled by the Apostles; that is the winning and discipling of the nations.

God is in the business of saving people and transforming them into the image of His first born Son Jesus.

Those who are truly workers of His are those engaged in this activity. While there are numerous means for spreading the gospel in the end people must come to Jesus as Savior for our work to be rewarded by God.

Knowing God means understanding His heart and His ways and our purpose as His crated servants for doing His will.

If we are not giving our best effort at seeing His kingdom come to earth as it is in heaven we are living in denial about what we say we believe.


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