Recognizable Behavior

Titus 2.1 commends demonstrating Christian behavior that goes with sound teaching.

When Martin Luther mass marketed salvation by grace through faith it was good and necessary for Christians were overwhelmed by the impossibility of ever getting into heaven by good works.

Certainly the Bible is clear that God’s gift of forgiveness and pardon so that people can live forever together with Him comes through faith in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

However the pendulum of salvation by grace alone through faith alone has swung so far that doing good works to prove that we have been saved is almost completely ignored.

Just as a heavy person who has successfully lost much weight is obvious to everyone so too a person should be obvious to everyone that they are a lover and servant of Jesus.

What are the behaviors in keeping with being a Christian?

Love for all humanity evidenced by kindness, gentleness and service especially toward those who are evil, unkind and cruel.

Forgiveness for all those who do wrong to the Christian for the Christian has been forgiven by God for everything they have done against Him.

Generosity that is extravagant for they received God’s most precious gift: the blood of His Son. Christians now understand that they came into the world with nothing and will depart the same way.

Service for the welfare of humanity but especially for their reconciliation to God through Jesus because Jesus came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for all.

Christians are to live just as Jesus did, that is the behavior God requires from His children.


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