How to Get to Heaven

Titus 2.12 records God wants us to turn from godless living and sinful pleasures.images

Christianity is an anomaly among all of the world’s religions. It is the only religion that teaches people they can never do enough good or be good enough to get to heaven based upon their behavior.

All of the other world religions regardless of their gods or practices have this one thing in common: if you would go to heaven you must do all of their requirements.

Christianity invites people to heaven by God’s grace not through man’s works.

God Himself, living among us as Jesus, lived the perfect life God requires and is willing to exchange His earnings of heaven for our earnings of hell since no person has ever lived a perfect life as God requires.

Those who admit to God that they need pardoned and receive Jesus as their Savior will be accepted by God but those who try and work their way into heaven will be denied for they reject God’s gracious offer in Jesus the Lord.

Yet the Christian God is holy, perfect, pure and righteous and demands that those who love Him, who receive His grace, live lives reflective of His character and in obedience to His will. God created humanity in His image so requires humanity to live reflective of their Creator.

Those who truly love God, who have been reconciled to God, embrace this command of God to live lives pleasing to God.

Obedience to God is the result of a relationship with God and not the means to God.

Living a God pleasing life reflects loyalty to God and not an attempt to earn God’s favor. God is to be obeyed because He is loved not to earn His favor in order to get us into heaven.

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