The Key to Serving God

Exodus 6.30 records Moses said to the Lord, “Since I speak with faltering lips, why would Pharaoh imageslisten to me?”

Moses is certainly one of the great saints but he wasn’t flawless. Moses began serving God the way most of us do; he measured his ability by the size of the task and counted himself inadequate.

If we are serious about God, His will and His work, we find it daunting. If we are honest about ourselves we find our capacity to obey His will and complete His work beyond our current assets.

Since most of us don’t have God speaking to us from a burning bush we walk away from the will and work of God feeling defeated with a resolve simply to do our best.

God is not looking for us to muster our resources to accomplish His purposes. Like Moses, God wants our humble, inadequate feeling, attitude so that we will look to Him and trust Him to accomplish His will through us.

God demands faith from His people telling us that without faith we cannot please Him. Faith is moving forward in obedience to the will and work of God trusting God to supply all we need for its accomplishment because we realize in ourselves we are to poor and to inadequate otherwise.

God does not call the self-sufficient but those who look to God for their sufficiency in Christ Jesus the Lord.

God is not a passive watcher of the universe. God is living and active committed and involved in the work of bringing His will upon earth as it is in heaven but He invites us into the project as partners and fellow laborers.

God looks for those who seek Him knowing they need Him if they are to do the things that please Him.

As Jesus, God in human form, gave us the example of absolute dependence upon the Father so too we are to pray to obey everything He has commanded us by the power of the Spirit Who lives in us.

The will and work of God is not to be measured by what we can do but by what God can do working with us as willing humble servants.

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