The People Of God Embrace The Savior Of God Who Is Jesus The Lord

Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a nation, producing the fruit of it.” Matthew 21:43 LSB


Jesus, Who is and has always been, God, lived among us as one of us as a Jew to fulfill all of the promises God made to the Jews as the Messiah and Savior of all the world. Through Adam and Eve, God has made all people, so He has always been in the business of reconciling the world to Himself. The promise to Abraham, God’s faithfulness to be a blessing to all nations by restoring all peoples to Himself, would come through the formation of a nation and then the deliverance of a Messiah or world Savior. Israel thought they were the only people of God, so they were for a time, but God used and no doubt saved others also for He reveals Himself to whom He will, for He takes no delight in the death of any person. Yet His Word, promises, and deliverance would come through Israel, His chosen people. These people rejected His appearance, disobeyed His word, and failed to be a blessing to all nations, for they were incapable as men born like us with a rebellious nature against God. Jesus, God Himself, was born from a virgin, so without the rebellious nature, we all have, had to come and live a perfect life to be able to offer Himself as a perfect sacrifice for the world’s salvation. This work, sharing God’s work for the world, has been given to new people, all people in the church, from all over the world who embrace Jesus as Savior and Lord. Embracing Jesus as Savior and Lord is understanding, accepting, and submitting to God’s work in the world and living appropriately as a follower of Jesus. The people of God do not reject the word of God, nor the work of God in the person of Jesus but embrace God’s word and the fulfillment of His promises through Jesus the Savior and now own the responsibility to continue the work of making God known in the world through Jesus the Lord.

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