The Purpose for Miracles

“Then He began to reprimand the cities in which most of His miracles were done, because they did not repent.” Matthew 11:20 NASB2020

God has a purpose in doing the miraculous: it is to cause us to turn from our ignoring Him and disobeying Him to worshipping Him and obeying Him. God brought life and blessing to many people yet the people simply wanted more blessing from God. The selfishness of the people was that they just wanted more and more from God but they weren’t giving more and more to God. God is our creator and the sustainer of our life. He is the judge and determiner of our eternal destiny. This makes God, God and as such He is to be worshipped, loved, obeyed and served. This is our purpose, to love Him and to do His will. We chaff at this purpose but only because we are self centered and self consumed. We want to be god rather than be submitted to the One True God. God is good, and He loves us, like the good parent who wants their children to obey them because what they require of their children is only in their best interest, so is Father God to us. God is perfectly good and what He requires of us and from us is perfectly good and is in our absolute best interest. Our problem is we don’t believe this, we don’t trust this so we don’t obey God. God intersects our lives so that we will engage Him as our God, our Lord, our first and greatest love. Failure to live this way will lead to His failure to welcome us into His eternal home.

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