The Root And The Fruit Of Christianity

“I will listen to what God the Lord says. For he will make peace with his people, his faithful followers. Yet they must not return to their foolish ways.“Psalms 85:8 NET


The root of Christian salvation is repentance and faith in Jesus, the world’s Savior. The fruit of Christian salvation is obedience to everything Jesus commands. The Holy Spirit comes into the world to convict humanity of sin, righteousness, and judgment. If we listen to God’s Word, God’s Spirit will convict us where we disobey and teach us to obey everything Jesus commands. But we must listen to God’s word. Ignoring God’s word does not exempt us from responsibility before God to obey Him. Creating our own definitions of what is right and wrong and what we must do is not the same as living in alignment with God’s commands. God has given us His word so we can know Him and what He requires of us. God has come to earth to live among us as one of us to sacrifice His life as punishment for us in Jesus the Savior. God has indeed made a way for humanity to have peace with God, but that is only through the work of Jesus appropriated to us after repentance from disobedience and faith in Jesus’ work done for us alone. The response to God’s grace, mercy, and love demonstrated to us through Jesus is obedience to Jesus from a grateful and thankful heart full of love for the God Who so loved us. He initiated contact with us to draw us to Himself so we could live with Him forever.

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