What on Earth Are We Focused Upon?

Philippians 3.13-14 records, I am single-minded….. I strive toward the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.

Most business men I know are quite single-minded: striving to win in the marketplace. The win is the new client, increased market share, greater revenue or just the approval of the boss. Success in these areas results in greater income and more responsible titles.

Few are the men not swept up into this way of thinking and living.

Encountering God personally through Jesus the Savior is to change the focus, direction and measure of our lives.

Most of our normal thinking and doing is fairly good because we are created in the image of God and so our conscience leads us in a generally right path if we follow it. The problem for which we need a Savior is that our conscience, and all the rest of ‘us’, is corrupt at birth do to the inheritance of sin passed on genetically from Adam to every person.

This corruption results in our focus, direction and measure of our lives being away from God and toward our own opinion of what matters. Turning away from this corruption and toward Jesus seeking Him to be our Lord, the One Who commands our lives, results in a new focus, direction and measure.

Before Christ I focused on personal success measuring my worth by my treasure, titles and trophys. In Christ, I focus on His glory on earth as measured by His kingdom coming and His will being done here on earth as it is in heaven.

The primary work I am to do now, the success I am most to seek now, is the moving of my fellow citizens from their lives of corruption to lives of reconciliation with Jesus then joining with them in the communal pursuit of absolute obedience to all of Jesus’ commands.

Being singularly focused and striving for success are normal and good. When corrupted I measure these things by their benefit toward me, when redeemed I measure these things by their benefit toward Jesus.

The question for me now becomes which focus does my life’s work reflect?

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