Wisdom is More Doing Than Knowing

James 3.17 describes Real wisdom, God’s wisdom, begins with a holy life and is characterized by getting along with others.

We believe wisdom means knowing things; God equates wisdom with doing His things. We seek wisdom so that we might make the right decisions; God gives wisdom so that we might do the right things. We want wisdom so that we don’t lose time, money or possessions on earth; God gives wisdom so that we will not lose eternal life with Him. We look for wisdom from successful people; God gives wisdom in the Scriptures. 

James says wisdom begins with a holy life and culminates in getting along with others. This ties the first and second commandments together. A holy life is a life obedient to God’s commands and reflects His nature; God is holy and His people are likewise to be holy.

The second commandment is like the first: love our neighbor as ourself. The Father desires His children to love one another, to like one another, to cooperate with one another for accomplishing His purposes on earth. Most of the commands of God facilitate our getting along with others if we will obey them.

Both holiness, obedience to God, and love for neighbor, wisdom, requires dying to self so that the will of God and the good of others can be made primary over our own selfish desires. The followers of Jesus take up their cross and die daily so that they can make first priority the will of God and the reconciliation of humanity to Him through Jesus the Savior.

All of this made possible through the empowering of the Holy Spirit so that we can identify with Jesus and be kind to others, everywhere, all the time!

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