Matthew 24:10 promises many of you shall fall back into sin and betray and hate each other.image

Sometimes its really hard to see Jesus in the lives of Christians. I too wonder how my own children will ever become true believers after watching me for very long.

The problem with the perception of what Christianity is comes from false advertising within our own ranks of what Christianity promises. We invite people who are struggling in life to get right with God so that He can make their lives better.

Herein lies the fallacy: God makes no such commitment but rather promises trouble will continue in this world and most likely will increase if we keep telling others that no one can get to heaven apart from following Jesus the Savior.

It is after praying to God and expecting Him to fix our lives and they don’t get better that we become disillusioned and frustrated with Christianity. We were sold a lie.

When God lived among us as Jesus the Messiah He never promised our best life now, He promised trouble now with our best life to come after we leave this world if we are faithful to Him until the end of our days no matter how much we suffered for Him while living on this earth.

Jesus’ invitation was to deny ourselves, take up our cross (the means of our own death to selfish living) and follow Him in absolute surrender, allegiance and obedience.

Jesus promised peace with God but enmity within our own family as a result of our absolute allegiance to Him. It’s not that God is anti-family He just understood those who want nothing to do with God exist within our own families and they don’t like it when we implore them to repent, to stop sinning against God, so that they can be forgiven by God and likewise receive the promise of everlasting life in heaven.

It is very frustrating when God doesn’t do what we expect Him to do especially when others who supposedly know Him tell us He will do for us all the good things we have always wanted for ourselves.

Our purpose for coming to Jesus as the Savior is to receive forgiveness for our sins against God for which we shall receive eternal condemnation if we don’t come to Him now.

Our purpose for following Jesus is to learn to live life now with joy and peace and God’s presence through His Spirit in spite of our circumstances not because our circumstances became more friendly.

Our purpose for coming to Jesus is so that we can become children of God whereby we now call Him Father and so look forward to the new heavens and new earth He will soon create where we will live our best lives forever.

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