Luke 10.16 claims those who reject Me are rejecting God Who sent Me. images

There are many people who believe all religions are the same.

These same people have not reviewed the various religions to realize there are tremendous differences among them.

Christianity is the only religion to claim that God Himself became a human being in order to ensure our comprehension of Who He is and what He requires from us while simultaneously sacrificing His humanity as penalty for all the evil all of humanity has ever done against God.

Within Christianity are various denominations which are not the same as different religions. As there are many kinds of trees but all are trees and not birds so there are many kinds of Christianity but they are not different religions.

When God lived among us as Jesus He drew a line in the sand that He must be loved, obeyed and worshiped if people were going to be pardoned by God for their evil deeds done against Him.

No other religion is acceptable to God for pardoning humanity for all other religions deny God has come and lived among us and sacrificed Himself so that He could forgive all those who come to Him seeking eternal life.

If there is a God it makes sense that there is only one God.

If there is only one God it makes sense there is only one approved way of obtaining His favor.

God does not discriminate against people of any race, tongue or time for He created all people and loves all people deeply but He does discriminate against all religions that deny His appearing in Jesus and His work as Savior on the cross.

2 Replies to “All Religion is not Equal”

  1. “It makes sense.” Yes, but then it doesn’t. It makes no sense that God would love us or send His Son to die for us. There are limits to logic. Ultimately, we believe it because God said it. He does not discriminate because He’s impartial. He says to all there’s one way to Him — through His Son.

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