Be Reconciled To God And Live Forever

“God is to us a God of salvation; And to Yahweh the Lord belong escapes from death.” Psalms 68:20 LSB


As the Apostle Paul said in his writings, the final enemy of man is death. Death comes to all of us. None of us can stop it from occurring. The question is only when will we die, not if we will die. We all assume we will die old when we want to when we no longer can live well in this world. That is a blessing for those who obtain it, which only a few accomplish. To have your mind, mobility, and control of your movements, so that you can speak to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren of your Master, Jesus the Lord, well into your 90s, is perhaps God’s greatest gift to a person. Yet all of us must be reconciled to God through Jesus if we will be saved. We too long ignore God missing the blessing of His presence for most of our lives. Others die without reconciling, waiting too long to make peace with God through Jesus the Savior. None of us know the day or the hour of our end. It is arrogant to assume we shall get around to God later. God will not save the unrepentant. Those who ignore Jesus in this life will be ignored by Jesus in the next life, leaving them the only alternative of separation from God forever in darkness, pain, and misery. Some feel this is unfair of God. They are arrogant. As the teacher fails the student who doesn’t pass the exam, the employer fails the employee who won’t work, and the coach cuts the player who skips practice, the Almighty will banish those from heaven who fail to recognize Him by obeying His commands on earth. Salvation is offered to us now, through Jesus, without cost of our own except our pride, if we will humble ourselves and receive His gift of eternal life, reconciliation with God, and pardon from sin through Jesus the Savior of the world.

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