Believing is Not Enough

Romans 2.7 promises, He will give eternal life to those who keep on doing good, seeking after the gloryimage and honor and immortality that God offers.

Believing isn’t enough.

The regrettable consequence of the Church’s message these past 50 years is a culture mostly uncommitted to the ways and work of God. Since its founding by God, the Church has always had the responsibility to communicate who God is and what God requires of humanity.

Christianity has as its founder the Christ, God in human flesh, Who has commanded His people to go into all the world and make disciples by teaching people to obey His commands. No other religion claims God as its founder.

All religions claim a man as its founder, a man who supposedly heard from God, but none claim to have God come to earth to live as one of us in order to communicate clearly to us Who He is and what He requires. This is in part why Christianity has always insisted upon it being the only religion by which humanity can get to heaven.

There is an inherent intolerance of other religions because no other religion has God so clearly communicating His will for His people as Jesus did to His Church. This intolerant message led to the persecution of its proponents until it so saturated the culture with its truth that it became the religion of the state.

The message however has been increasingly compromised from we must keep on doing good, seeking after the glory and immortality that God offers, to we must only believe that God loves us and offers to forgive us if we will but ask Him to do so through Jesus the Savior.

While belief is necessary for doing, doing requires more than believing. Until I treat my neighbor with respect, believing I should respect my neighbor does not respect my neighbor. Believing in God without subsequently working for God is to behave as though I don’t believe in God.

This is the very situation so much of the Church currently finds itself and which explains the decadence of this age. The Church changes the culture through its message of obedience to every command of Jesus. This has not been our loudest nor most consistent message for these past 50 years. The enemy of God believes in God but does nothing to help the cause of God. Jesus said the one who is not with Him is against Him (Matthew 12.30).

Christianity is not believing in Jesus the Savior and then living as we please. Christianity is pledging allegiance to Jesus as Lord, believing He is God incarnate.

Christianity is receiving the free gift of eternal life from God made possible through the work of Jesus then working passionately, diligently and intentionally to share that gift with the rest of humanity until Jesus returns or we go home.

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