Christians Are Not From This Country

“O descendants of Jacob, come, let us walk in the Lord’s guiding light…l. Stop trusting in human beings, whose life’s breath is in their nostrils. For why should they be given special consideration?” Isaiah 2:5, 22 NET


These are troubling times, so what should people do? Isaiah, in this chapter, reminds us of how temporary life is, and when it ends, we meet the Almighty for judgment. Knowing this to be true, that life is hard and short, and we are ultimately accountable to God for how we lived this life, what should we do? We should seek God and do His will regardless of what men, especially those who don’t follow Jesus, think, speak, or do to us. First, the people of God must read, study, discuss, and obey the word of God. Biblical ignorance is rampant in the church and is inexcusable among the people of God. We cannot know God or His will apart from His word. We must not depend upon a weekly sermon to satiate our souls with Who God is and what He requires from us. We are commanded to show ourselves diligent workers in God’s word who dig deep and build high our understanding and application of His will for us and promises to us. This diligence will take our hearts and minds away from the university and the media that constantly malign God’s truth and seek to move us to live in opposition to God’s ways. These institutions continuously deny God, His authority, His credibility, and His validity, particularly as He has made Himself known through the Scriptures. We must ignore these voices, cease trying to impress these opinions and live as aliens and strangers in this world whose true home is the kingdom of God.

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