Christians Are To Live As Warriors

Psalm 144.1 exclaims, praise be to the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle.


This psalm begins with a praise to God Who prepares David for battle and concludes with a blessing upon the nation that is prosperous and successful because the warrior has been successful thanks to the strength and blessing of God.


Christians think they are most like Jesus when they are peaceful sheep, never causing a rift with their neighbor, but they are not. They are most like Jesus when they are lions tearing down strongholds that keep men in bondage on the road to hell. The Son of Man did not come to bring peace but a sword, pitting family member against family member over the truth of His nature, His way and His will.


So too we as Christians are commanded to war against principalities and powers in high places that set themselves up against the knowledge of God. It is the gates of hell that cannot prevail against the power of the man of God sharing the gospel. We are not to be passive sheep but active warriors empowered by the Spirit of God for distributing the Bread and Wine of life from heaven, given to men for living forever.


Christians have become too passive and too idle watching their children turn from the Lord toward denial of God and obedience to His commands. Christians have become too used to seeing their neighbor locked in their prison of darkness, dying without hope and without assurance of their free pardon from the Judge of all mankind made possible by His blood.


It is time for Christian men to repent and return to war. To seek God Who prepares their minds for battle, their lips to speak His truth and their hands to serve men and sacrifice their lives before them until they see Jesus and are drawn to His presence.


The man of God must be thoroughly familiar with the Word of God, His Sword, for demolishing strongholds of deception that keep people from believing Jesus is God. They must articulate clearly Biblical truth to humanity so that humanity can stand before God forgiven and accepted by their Judge on that day when all men will be weighed and measured for the lives we lived on this earth.

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