God is the Owner, Creator and Sustainer of the Universe

How numerous are Your works, O Yahweh! In wisdom You have made them all; The earth is full of Your possessions.” (Psalm 104:24 LSB)  https://accordance.bible/link/read/LSB#Psa._104:24


Everything we see in the vast universe belongs to God. He created all things, and He sustains all things. That which lives does so by the will and breath of God and that which no longer lives, whether man, animal, or plant, does so by the removal of His breath and according to His sovereign will. This does not mean murder and suicide are the will of God for they are not but it does mean that He allows these things to occur for purposes beyond our comprehension but also for the purpose of condemning the guilty and inspiring the wise to consider the brevity of their days so they can reconcile to God through Jesus the Savior. We care for earth because God has made us, His image bearers, caretakers of this earth. The earth and all it contains is not equal with man for the animal and the plant are not image bearers of God. These things have been provided by God for man’s use, for his own sustenance and care but also to test men to reveal to men and God what is in a man. As God is compassionate toward His people so men are to be kind and compassionate toward the created things. The Christian teaches their children that God is their Creator and sustainer. No person is the product of evolution. No Big Bang started the universe. It was created by the will of God through the word of God and remains by the whim of God until that day He returns to claim His own, judge the wicked, and recreate the universe so that is holy as He is holy and He can then dwell with men in visible, physical, presence and glory.

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