Matthew 19:4 asks don’t you read the Scriptures?image

From the dawn of time people have pursued the knowledge of God.

Regardless of ethnicity, geography or history people have always pursued God wherever they have lived. While there have always been atheists there are not many and many of those have likewise reached out their hands to God when their lives were almost over. This universal pursuit of God is explained in the Bible as God’s doing when He created humanity He also set in our hearts the desire for Him.

Doesn’t it make sense that if there really is a God that He would want us to know Him?

God has recorded His will and His ways in the Bible.

This book is unique among the religious holy books. All other religions have a book written by one person who had the fortune to meet with god where he downloaded all of his information to them. This unique person became the go to person for understanding god and following that religion. This is true of the Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons.

It is not true of Christianity and Judaism. These religions explain God revealing Himself to humanity over hundreds of years incrementally recording His will and ways.

The Bible was written over 1400 years by more than 40 people in three languages all detailing a consistent character of God and will of God without discrepancy or contradiction.

Truly if there is a God and He has a written biography it makes most sense that it would be done this way for the Bible elevates no man but One God Who culminates His workings in the world by His personal appearance as a man in Jesus the Savior.

While God still works in the world today through His Spirit His pinnacle work was His appearance in and as Jesus. The Bible begins with Him and ends with Him predicting His coming, recording His presence and promising His return.

If we really want to know Who God is we will spend time reading the Bible.

If you need a consistent easy means for accomplishing this then download our free Bible reading plan and begin today to know Who God is and what He requires from us.

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