How Comfortable Are You in Your Body?

2 Corinthians 5.6 observes, we are always confident and know that while we are at home in the body we are away from the Lord.

Paul is speaking about our physical body though he is encouraging us about our future body. Paul reminds us that while we live on earth we are not at home with the Lord. Our true destiny, our true residence, our true happiness, is with Jesus where He is living bodily; with Him forever.

Jesus has returned to His throne in heaven where He reigns today awaiting that day when He will return again to claim the world and all those who live upon it, along with all those who have ever lived, as King of kings and Lord of lords. Then every person from all time will be judged and will receive their just reward concluding with their new bodies to dwell eternally either with God on the new earth or away from God in torment.

Those in Christ should not find themselves comfortable here on earth. We should not truly be home in this body any longer. Daily a greater longing to be with Jesus should be occurring. As our love for Him grows, and grow it should, our desire for Him and to be with Him should be growing. If we are not increasingly wanting to be with Him we are likely not growing in our relationship with Him indicating we are more comfortable on earth than we should be.

To stay heaven focused we must spend daily time in the Scriptures for it is here God speaks loudest and clearest to us. We should spend daily time in prayer for it is here we remind God of His promises and petition Him for mercy upon those who have yet to surrender to Him. We should be spending time with God’s people serving and giving so that each one of us becomes more like the Son of God Whom the Father is forming in each of us as His children. And finally, we should be working to see all men come to faith in Jesus for this is why we remain on earth in this body and it is the mission we have been given so that God can fulfill His purpose that all men be reconciled to Him.

Doing these things will increase our love for Jesus and our longing to be with Jesus which will make us increasingly uncomfortable in this temporary dwelling place.

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