How to Serve God

2 Corinthians 6:6 proclaims we have proved ourselves to be what we claim by our wholesome lives and by our understanding thof the Gospel and by our patience.

The world is on fire but what is the solution? The world has been on fire before and the solution then is the same as the solution now: the world needs reconciliation and restoration with God. A simple answer but then we need to know which God.

There is only one God and He is not the god proclaimed among the murderous throng of Muslims. Does that god even make sense to anyone? If there is a God, does it seem like He would bless the murder and rape of women and children and the beheading of men in revenge for whatever? The god portrayed among this group of people is sheer evil, this is not the One True God.

The One True God lived among us in Jesus and said love your neighbor as yourself, forgive and pray for your enemies, remove the log in your own eye so you can see clearly to remove the stick in your neighbors eye. This God is having a hard time however being seen and heard in the world because those who claim to worship Him are failing to prove they are His disciples.

The Apostle mentions three evidences for the follower of Jesus who will impact His world for good.

First, they live wholesome lives. The life God requires is not the same as the good life the world seeks to live. The God centered life is not materialistic, self-aggrandizing nor worldly focused. To live a wholesome life we must know God’s will through the Bible then seek His Spirit to empower us to live it. We must define life by God’s terms then obey His commands. Too much ignorance of God and His will exists among the Church because too few read regularly the instruction manual given to us by God’s grace.

Second, is the ability to clearly explain the love of God and His work in the world. Again, the issue is ignorance of God due to lack of fervent reading and applying the Scripture. Too many Christians have no idea of the true nature and will of God as evidenced by their thinking that all roads lead to heaven, Jesus was a good man, the Bible has errors, people are basically good and evolution was God’s means of creation. The Bible clearly explains Truth, the Truth of Who God is and how He has worked in the world. We can believe God or we can believe those who ignore God but if we want world change we must believe and obey God.

Finally, those who do love God, are praying for the world and are working to see the world reconciled to God through Jesus must remain patient in their suffering. Paul saw fruit in His work but with much trial and tribulation. We should expect no less for the world is becoming increasingly more hostile to the ways of God as a result of previous neglect in doing God’s work by the Church. Those who do obey God should expect resistance to the ways of God among those not obeying God until the light of God penetrates their hearts and minds.

The world needs help and the Church is the source of its healing but the people of God must get serious about knowing God and doing His will.

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