James 1.22 warns we live out the message and not merely listen to it.images

Most Christians describe themselves as believers rather than disciples of Jesus Christ.

There is a tremendous difference between knowing and doing.

There are many believers in God including the devil and his demons but not many disciples of Jesus Christ. There are many who know of God but few who diligently practice doing the will of God.

Our current culture is a reflection of the proliferation of knowledge about God without walking in obedience to God. Bookstores, TV and radio put forth information about God in Jesus but our country continues to divorce, murder the unborn, lie, steal and cheat while practicing all manner of sexual immorality demonstrating little transformation proving the lack of application of our information.

God is not fooled, He is not ignorant nor is He satisfied by lip service; He demands obedience to His commands. The Church needs less talk and more action.

Christians need to become more devoted and productive in doing rather than listening and learning. It is true we cannot do the will of God without knowing the will of God but if we know the will of God we are required by Him to do the will of God.

Few Christians regularly read the Bible thus limiting their knowledge of God to whatever they learn on Sunday. Fewer still are committed to giving generously, serving sacrificially and witnessing daily so that all people might come to know and serve Jesus as Savior and Lord of all.

The Church is desperate for people who will live out the message and not merely listen to it.

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