Matthew 15.8 observes these people say they honor Me but their hearts are far away. images

The One True God measures people by their heart and not by their deeds.

All religions measure people by their actions; do what is required and go to heaven, fail to do what is required and go to hell. The True God however is not fooled by our religious actions like attendance, prayers or donations as though these things made a person holy in His sight.

The One True God searches motives and intent, measuring deeds by the heart that produced them rather than by the deeds themselves. If there really is a God, this means of judging people really does seem the most accurate. God should know what is in the heart of a person which is the true nature of that person.

The things we do should be a reflection of who we really are and normally that is true. All of us have pretended to be someone we are not but God is not fooled by our duplicity.

The true worshiper of God, the person God truly accepts, loves God with their whole heart then does those things that please God. Love must be the motive of our actions if those actions done for God are to be accepted by God.

Deeds performed to impress people or even to impress God are not accepted by God because they are done for ourselves rather than for the love of God.

The first deed we should seek to regularly perform is the discipline of daily Bible reading. The Bible is God’s written record of Himself and by reading the book we come to see the true nature and character of the One True God.

When we understand Who God really is, it is easy to love Him and in loving Him, to serve Him properly.

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