Making God Happy

“I sent all my servants the prophets to warn you over and over again. They said, “Every one of you, stop doing the evil things you have been doing and do what is right. Do not pay allegiance to other gods and worship them. Then you can continue to live in this land that I gave to you and your ancestors.” But you did not pay any attention or listen to me.” Jeremiah 35:15 NET


What are the things that greatly agitated the Lord? Disobedience to His commands and worship of idols. Pretty logical and straightforward. If God is indeed God, the Lord of all, then obedience to Him is due Him, and allegiance to Him as the only true God is necessary. Undoubtedly, His requirements, with failure to execute on our part, will continue to agitate Him. We are commanded to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength and make disciples baptizing everyone who commits to follow Him and then teaching obedience to His commands. Simple, logical. What greater obedience can we do than love Him? What greater allegiance can we demonstrate than share Him with others? If there is a god, then what he requires of us should most concern us if that god will judge us and reward us based upon our performance to those requirements. Indeed, the One True God exists. He has commanded us to come to Him, seek Him, love Him, and follow Him in Jesus, the Savior of the world. Failure to execute will result in failure to live forever with Him and all those who did obey His command to love Him fully, wholly, and totally and to help everyone else do the same.

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