Pleasing God is not, not sinning!

Deuteronomy 6:17-18 You must actively obey Him in everything He commands. Only then will you be doing what is right and good in the Lord’s eyes.image

Most of us think of ourselves as good people. We make this assessment based upon the behavior we see in others having also judged their motivation for such behavior and determined it to be less noble than our own. Its human nature to think this way.

But if there really is a God and a Day when all humanity will stand before Him to face judgment for how well we lived according to His standard of right and wrong then it behooves us to know that standard and do it.

Most of us define being good as not doing bad God reveals that He defines good as actively doing what He commands.

God gets a bad rap for being against so much, the truth is He desires for us to do more to show His love so that we are so busy doing what is right that we have no time for doing wrong. For God, unless we are doing His will, we are not doing what is right and good.

Those who would please God must obey God by doing the will of God. What might this look like today?

Loving God is the first command. Those we love we spend time with: how are we doing in praying, worshiping and seeking God just to enjoy His presence and fellowship?

Second, He commands we love our neighbor as we love our self. Who are we blessing today with a kind word, act of service, forgiveness of trespass or demonstration of mercy and compassion?

Doing God’s will is more important than not ‘sinning’ and is His requirement for pleasing Him.

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