What on Earth Are We Here For?

Matthew 6.33 commands, above all pursue His kingdom and righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

God does want more from us than mere acknowledgement of His existence. He promises us eternity and then tells us to prepare for that existence by storing up eternal treasure. Presumably that treasure will be either necessary or a determinant for our quality of life to come. This is not dissimilar from investment brokers pleading with us to invest today so that we have something to live on tomorrow when we are no longer able to work but must subsist on what we saved.

God wants His kingdom and His character to be our first priority. He warns us that the competition for obedience to His command is the focused pursuit on accumulating money in order to be successful on earth. God warns us that we cannot serve money and God. We certainly try.

We really want pleasure, comfort and opportunities unlimited which is why we pursue money. Its not that we want money but we want what money can buy. We are missing the point of our existence however when we get lost in the pursuit of personal gain. That kind of living makes life all about us.

The life we were created to live is to be all about God. Specifically, we are on a mission to build His Kingdom until He returns to claim His role as King on earth as He is in heaven. Why else has He left us here? Why has He not swept us to heaven the moment we looked up and cried to God, Father save me?

As He came to seek and save the lost so too He has commissioned His children to go into the world as His witnesses to make disciples, that is, people adamant about obedience to all of Jesus’ commands. Those who claim to know God must live as Jesus lived. Jesus lived the exemplary life His people were to follow.

What did His life look like? Daily communion with God through prayer and the Scriptures and daily communion with humanity serving and teaching them to have faith in God Who loves them. This can and should be done at every level of vocation since people live without a shepherd at every level of income.

Vocation positions us to fulfill our occupation which is the knowing of God deeply so that we can serve Him most effectively. Whether we work on wall street or in some back street, people need people who love God and will serve them then teach them that God loves them and desires a relationship with them.

This is the true work of the Christian and is the practical way we pursue His Kingdom and His righteousness wherever we are.

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