Who Is Most Important?

Matthew 10.39 promises, whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life because of Me will find it.

At one time in our not to recent past it was popular to ‘find yourself.’ The remnant of that objective remains in all of the self help and self absorption we still see encouraged today. Everything is about personal happiness and fulfillment.

It is why we have come to espouse that your truth and my truth can both be true while being totally opposite from one another. This narcissism has created a culture without shame and without purpose.

God promises those who spend their lives looking for themselves or their personal fulfillment will ultimately lose their lives. What does He mean? God’s perspective is eternal. People who are born never die, they merely pass from this life to the next where they spend eternity either with God in bliss or apart from God in hell. That is God’s perspective of the destiny of all humanity.

His perspective is also reality for God alone is capable of sending people to either heaven or hell. While living with us God warned us that one of these two destinies await all of us. That destination is determined by our relationship with God in this life.

Those who embrace God’s perspective of humanity: that we are created by God, for God to live forever with God will live their lives in service to God. This is the group who lose their lives in this life but find them to last forever in love, joy and peace with God and all those who have also served Him, in the life to come which is eternal.

Those who made their life objective their own personal happiness and fulfillment will lose their lives in the life to come by suffering with all those who likewise ignored God in their service and worship of God, for all eternity.

God gives us a choice: spend this short time living on this earth in service to Him or service to self with the reward of living eternally either with Him or without Him.

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