God’s Work within

Philippians 2:13 promises God is at work within you, helping you want to obey Him, and then helping you do what He wants.image

For those whom God is truly their Father and they in turn are truly children of God the work of God is living and active within them and through them.

What is the sign of this assurance that we are indeed children of God? An increasing desire to want to conform to the will of God and an increasing application of the will of God in our lives.

Notice the work of God in us is not the fulfillment of our desires. The work of God in us is the doing of what He wants.

When God is truly in us then the character and ways of God are seen through us. It is God that increases in the child of God and not the child who increases in visibility.

This love for the will of God and increasing obedience to God is fostered in the Word of God. The children of God in whom the Spirit of God is at work will find themselves increasingly desirous of the Word of God found in the Scriptures and manifest through the Son of God.

The macro will of God is revealed in the Bible and translated through our lives by the micro voice of God Who is the Spirit within us.

For example, loving our neighbor as we love our self is the macro will of God recorded in the Scripture. This command however is nebulous in its practical application. As we go through our day, those in tune with God hear Him encourage us to perform various deeds of service, kindness, sacrifice and generosity toward our neighbor which is the practical doing of His will.

Those in whom the Spirit of God is working not only increase their veracity for the Word of God and the doing of His Word but also increase in the joy of the process.

The Son of God promised fullness of joy inside His adherents, this joy is the fruit of obedience to God as we increasingly become servants of God.

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