Finding Wisdom

1 Corinthians 3.19 reveals the wisdom of this world is foolishness in God’s sight.image

No one wants to be the fool. The fool is that person who just doesn’t seem to know what’s going on or how to appropriately assimilate into the mainstream.

No doubt God was such a person when He lived among us as Jesus. Probably explains from the human dimension why He was so adamantly hated by the leadership of His time. Jesus continued to live and teach against the common flow of thinking while being able to so perfectly, logically and easily defend His wisdom from God.

So what is the wisdom of the world that is foolish to God?

I certainly don’t know everything that would land in this category but I think I can guess at a few things.

“All roads lead to heaven,” or all religions are basically the same and are good except for their expression by their fringe groups. If there really is a God He would want us to know Him for Who He truly is, at least that’s what the One True God indicates in His writings and teachings.

God has painstakingly revealed Himself throughout human history but since He’s not the God we want we reject Him for the creation of the god we will serve. There is One God and One way, this truth really does make the most sense.

Another wisdom from the world is that we are all free moral agents to do as we feel best particularly in the areas of sexuality. We are increasingly becoming more depraved as we move further and further from the wisdom of God in leaving sexual expression for marriage between one man and one woman.

We are not living better as a result of our being wiser than God rather just the opposite, we are destroying our souls while destroying our bodies. So many women and children are being exploited today that we are numb to our unprecedented abuse.

Another pearl of wisdom our culture teaches is that money will make us happy and content. We continue to reject the DNA God placed within each of us that calls us to purpose greater than ourselves which lies beyond ourselves. When we become absorbed with ourselves we implode often taking those who love us with us in the process.

We live in the information age; more than at any time in human history are we able to access what has happened in our world and what is happening now. Yet the age old revelation, the Word of God, lies dormant for many but within its pages are the wisdom of God leading us to life, peace and joy.

You’d be a fool to read it but then you would be in good company for there you will find God Himself.

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